New York City Preschool Articles

Big Kindergarten Wait List Limits Pre-K Slots (6/10/11)

Maintaining Pre-K Day, via Tuition (6/16/11)

The Pre-K Underground (co-ops in NYC) (12/16/11)

Raising Standards for Head Start (1/3/12)

Risks: More Woes for Preemies at Preschool Age (12/19/11)

Suit Faults Test Preparation at Preschool (3/14/11)

Wall Street Journal’s Prepping for the Playdate Test (8/19/10)

New York Times’ Private School Screening Test Loses Some Clout (5/7/10)

New York Times’ More Pre-K Pupils Qualify for Gifted Programs (4/30/10)

New York Times’ Inventive New Private School Hits Old Hurdles (3/31/10) – The Blue School

New York Magazine’s The Junior Meritocracy (1/31/10) - Why kindergarten admissions tests are worthless

New York Times’ Tips for the Admissions Test … to Kindergarten (11/20/09) - Companies that prep kids for kindergarten tests.

TheStreet’s More N.Y. Toddlers Vie for Pre-School Spots (9/3/09)

New York Times’ Where One Man’s Trash Is Preschoolers’ Art Material (5/31/09) - Beginnings Nursery School

New York Times’ Cutthroat Preschool Ritual Isn’t Like Prison, or Is It? (11/13/08) - Nursery University documentary

New York Magazine’s Inside the Sandbox.  Their list of the top 20 NYC preschools.

New York Magazine’s Kindergarten Crop (3/16/08). It’s time for the city’s baby boomlet to go to kindergarten, and there’s not enough room.

Manhattan Preschool Tuition Prices – 2008

Forbes’ The Most Expensive Preschools (9/19/07). No surprise, they’re all in Manhattan!

Bloomberg’s Manhattan Parents Fret Tots’ Fate as Preschools Announce Picks (3/27/07)

Wall Street Journal’s A Little Less Insane, Preschool in NYC (2/12/07). New York City preschool admissions actually seem tame compared to London.

New York Times’ In Baby Boomlet, Preschool Derby Is the Fiercest Yet (3/3/06)

New York Mag’s Cracking the Kindergarten Code (11/28/05). Demystifying the process of getting your children into kindergarten, in 11 easy lessons.

New York Magazine’s Tot Therapy (4/19/04). Due to the pressure of getting into the right preschool, NYC parents are having their toddlers see professional therapists for silly reasons.

New York Magazine’s The Price of Perfection (12/2/02). Why would Citigroup’s Jack Grubman, and so many other Manhattan parents spend so much and pull so many strings to get their children into nursery schools?

New York Times’ Sifting Sandbox Aptitude Tests;Crayon-Chewing Time for Nursery School Directors (4/7/96)

New York Times’ How I Got My Child Into Nursery School (4/23/95)

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